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General Policies

Weather/ No Program policy:
In the event that school is closed due to weather, school holiday, or early dismissal the day before Thanksgiving, the program will not be held. To ensure the safety of our staff and your child, please make arrangements to have your child picked up in severe weather conditions or snowstorms.
We generally hold a vacation program during February and April vacations from 7:30 to 3pm. Please note that the program will end by 3pm as that is when the schools ask us to leave.
James Place and the Boys and Girls Club in Salisbury generally have openings during these times.

Code of Conduct:
All participants at the after school program are entitled to a pleasant and harmonious
environment. The goal of all behavior management policies at Amesbury recreation and after school programs is to teach young people respect for themselves and one another and to take responsibility for their actions while providing a safe, non-threatening environment for all.The program supervisors will contact parents if discipline issues occur. If a participant is asked to “take a day off”, he or she may not re-enter the program until there has been a meeting with the parents and administrator.
Occasionally, efforts are not successful and participants are dismissed from the program.The City of Amesbury reserves the right to withdraw any particpant whose behavior interferes with the rights and safety of others. Refunds are not extended under these circumstances.

Behavior Policy:
Behavioral system as follows:
Step 1- Child will be given a verbal warning
Step 2- Child will be removed from activity for a 5-10 minute period. (strike 1)
Step 3- Child will be sent to a time out with Supervisor and will do a time out sheet. A note or verbal will be sent home to the parent and expected to be signed before return. (strike 2)
Step 4- Child’s parents will be called to come pick up the child and child may not return to program until meeting for behavior and behavior contract (between parents, child and Director) is implemented with Director. (3rd strike obtained that day)
Step 5- Should steps 1-4 occur again, the child will not be allowed to return to the program.

For the middle school: Any child that receives 2 strikes in a week, will forfeit the next field trip
or off grounds activity.

In order to make this an enjoyable and safe experience for all children, in the event disciplinary
action becomes necessary (i.e. acts of aggression, continuous disrespect, inability to follow
directions, threatening, bullying, etc) the parent may be called and asked to pick up the child. If this behavior occurs again after suspension, the student will not be allowed to complete the program and refunds will not be available. Serious acts of aggression or threats will result in immediate termination. A child may be terminated or suspended from the program at the discretion of the Rec. Office and program staff if it is determined that the program is not appropriate for the child and his/her individual needs or if a child endangers him/herself, another child or staff person.The program reserves the right to terminate without advanced notice for serious behaviors. Program rules will be discussed on the first day of the program and periodically throughout each week.